Sunday, 19 November 2017


She is a comely damsel with an intelligent mind that I have been privileged to know in the past couple of years. She has been part of a post graduate program in one of the universities that I happen to have regular engagements at. Unfortunately, I had never been able to make time to see her at the time of any of my interventions. So she has been gently soliciting me to pay her a visit. One day, I decided to rise to the occasion and pay her the much-sought visit. The previous night I made sure to forewarn her of my impending visit. When I arrived at her pristine hostel room the next day, my host stayed awake for barely 30 minutes and fell asleep. She slept for the good part of three hours and left me to entertain myself with some episodes of a TV series on her laptop. I was pleasantly amused about this turn of events. When she woke up she was apologetic and mumbled some excuses. I smiled pleasantly and teased her a bit.

But the amusing incident never left my mind. As I brooded on it whilst giggling at the hilarity of it all, the Spirit of God spoke to me. “Why are you so surprised and amused by this? That’s how you human beings treat me most of the time. Many times. I come to visit you to give you a miracle or to deposit new treasures in you but most of the time I come to find you sleeping.” Ouch! As I thought about this, I observed and took instruction. God seeks to interact with us, to engage us and position us for a new level but we are often asleep. For many us, our sleep is spiritual. We have lost our zest for him, ceased from having a devotional time with him, stopped praying and refrained from reading our Bibles. So God is present waiting to connect with us but we are asleep. Like my lady friend, we have a guest that we can engage at a deep level of interaction and inspiration but we are sleeping.

For some of us, we are sleeping on our destinies. We have been given a dream to make a difference in the world, we have been tasked with an assignment to bless the world with our gifts and ideas but we are asleep on it so we fail to see the opportunities that emerge around us every day to use them. There are many people on earth who are alive but not awake. They have a dream that has fallen asleep so when God opens a door of opportunity but they never recognize it and walk through it. Many of us have lost our zest for life and passion for the goals we set for ourselves. We are sleeping on the job of constructing a new future for ourselves. Today, I have a message for you; wake up, stop sleeping. It ain’t over yet. Wake up and come hard at life with new zeal and Godly passion. You must take the future by force!


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