Sunday, 19 November 2017

7 Dangerous Persons You Cannot Marry

In Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, he lists 31 reasons why people fail in life and one of the reasons he listed was marrying the wrong person. He emphasizes that it is one of the common major causes of failure in life. In this vein, it is imperative that anyone who aspires to prosper, choose his or her mate carefully. These are 7 dangerous people you should be careful not to marry:

  1. A person who cannot be criticized or corrected.
  2. A person who cannot say “I was wrong.”
  3. A person who cannot let go of an offence and holds grudges for a long time.
  4. A person who cannot be genuinely happy for other people’s success.
  5. A person who does not know how to share.
  6. A person who does not submit to anybody.
  7. A person who lives to impress others and spends more than is necessary in order to achieve that.


A person who marries one of these persons is……..

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