Sunday, 19 November 2017

7 Things That Ignite Love But Cannot Sustain it


I have recognized that there are several factors that ignite attraction or love relationships between two people of the opposite sex. Every love relationship is sparked up by one thing or the other. These could be:
1. Beauty: It’s probably the most common. Sundry times we meet people and something about their physical person attracts us to them. It could be a comely or pristine appearance or a curvy figure. This can arouse attraction and lead the way to the start of a love relationship
2. Talent/skill: the ability to do something in a superior way often attracts some members of the opposite sex. It could be as common as the ability to speak in public or as rare as the skill of hand-eye coordination. But whatever it is, certain people are turned on or attracted to people who show certain skills or talents.
3. Intelligence: when people show academic brilliance it attracts some people of the opposite sex. In schools, it is common to find people get hooked to others because of their mathematical prowess or an academic power of some sort.
4. Power: leadership or authority attracts some people. There are people whose line-up of exs show a clear affinity to people of power or influence. This can ignite a love relationship.
5. Status: Closely related to the above is the subject of status. Some people are attracted to certain social classes and are repelled by others.
6. Money: money makes for a good attraction starter. Money can be an alluring way of pulling a person into a relationship especially when they are in lack of it.

7. Fame: fame also attracts some people. There are women who will not go near a famous man. Some cite an unwillingness to endure competition as their reason for it. But there are others who find a famous name attractive.  

But these factors are merely STARTERS. They can’t SUSTAIN relationships by themselves. After they begin the process, the VALUES, ATTITUDE and CHARACTER of the individuals take over and determine the success or otherwise of the relationship. Love relationships that stand the test of time are those that transcend beyond the trappings of material possessions or status.

A true love relationship is founded on friendship, fellowship and love. A relationship that is merely dependent on any of these seven is a disaster waiting to happen. As a litmus test for your relationship, ask yourself, if what attracted him or her to me is not there, will he/she still be with me?


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