Sunday, 19 November 2017

Change Your Bucket!

It was one of those days when water becomes as rare as gold. There was a dire shortage of the commodity in my neighbourhood. The taps were not flowing and the water tanks that brought in water in the event of such occurences had failed to deliver. And yet I needed to bath to make it for my speaking engagement that morning. So I picked a bucket and walked to Solomon, my neighbour’s house to borrow some for my bath. They had become the Josephs of the neighbourhood; the only ones who had saved water in the season of plenty. When I got there Solomon took a look at my bucket and asked why I had brought such a small bucket. They had so much water and yet I had brought a small bucket.

As soon as his words ended, I recognized that this was a unique occasion to apply my heart to wisdom. I observed and took instruction that this is one of the greatest challenges of many of us in life. Life can give us so much more but we came to it with a small bucket. Our capacity is too small. Sometimes, our small bucket is our knowledge-base. There is so much that we can achieve but our knowledge-base is so small and rudimentary. Sometimes, our skill set is the small bucket. We need to expand it in order to receive more. For some people it is a lack of exposure. They are capable of so much but they don’t have the right exposure. Your friends can be your small bucket. If the friends you have are not people with gargantuan visions who can stretch you then your bucket is small.

I believe the reason I took a small bucket is because my mind was only on what I needed at that moment. I just wanted water to bath without giving much thought to subsequent needs. We all have that problem. Our minds are only focused on today’s needs than the overarching vision of our lives.We just want enough to survive for today. Our dream for life is too small. Today, I challenge you to expand your vision. If your bucket is too small, change it. Get a bigger bucket. There is so much that life can offer. Don’t settle for small. There is no honour in being small. Open your mouth wide. CHANGE YOUR BUCKET!


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