albert ocranJeremiah Buabeng has always been different. He is unashamedly passionate about his chosen field and pursuits. At an age where many are still groping for meaning, he has defined a path as a motivational speaker and is daring to live his dream

 Albert Ocran, International Speaker and Executive Pastor, ICGC Christ Temple



Bernard Avle…”young leaders are rewriting the history of Africa through knowledge, scholarship, mentorship, volunteerism, and entrepreneurial drive. One such young person is Jeremiah Buabeng whose insistent passion and unrelenting belief in the power of purpose typifies what professor George Ayittey refers to as the Cheetah generation. An extremely talented speaker and a forceful doer, his maiden book Take Off is laced with wisdom…”

Bernard Avle, Host, Citi Breakfast Show


nana_damoah_1-240x300“…I want to celebrate Jeremiah Buabeng. Growing up, I read so many ‘motivational’ books that I decided to stay away from them for a long time, as I was reading the same stuff over and over. This has had an influence on why I stay away from tags such as ’motivational speaker’ or writer’. But, I digress.   I am of the opinion that life teaches us daily and because, in the midst of racing after the proverbial rat, we fail to stop, look, consider and reflect, we miss life’s lessons. Jeremiah does a good mix of this reflection and distils salient goodies that he encapsulates succinctly in his writings. And I love to visit his page for such an “abom-belt” each day. Keep it up, Jerry. I’m honoured to be an observer and beneficiary on your journey to significance”

Nana Awere Damoah, Author, humorist and social commentator