Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Power of Asking Questions

I have used several kinds of phones in the course of my life. Starting from the simplistic Motorola C115 I started life with, through to sophisticated devices like the Iphone, Blackberry, various models of Samsung, HTC, Windows phones and many others. Even the much ridiculed brands of China phones have at one point found themselves in my hands. But after all these, I didn’t know how to take a screen shot. I actually thought that only some special kinds of phones could take one. On several occasions I have had to laboriously retype stuff I wanted to resend to other people on social media whilst I ridiculously hoped that one day I will get a phone that can take screen shots. But if an Iphone or Samsung couldn’t take a screen shot what kind of phone could? lol

So this has been my wahala until a few days ago I asked the Young Achievers Network (a whatsapp group of some of the most brilliant emerging leaders in Ghana). And quickly a few people dropped the answer; I just had to simultaneously hold Volume down and the power button on the phone. Oh! It was that simple? I was flabbergasted! How on earth did such a simple procedure escape me? But just then my folly was obvious to me; I had refused to ask the question all these years. I had missed several years of not being able to take screen shots because I refused to ask a question. This looked like a mundane experience but as is my custom, it sent me on a deep philosophical journey. I begun to wonder what else am I missing in life because I have refused to ask the right question? What breakthroughs or opportunities am I missing because I am not asking questions?

I observed and took instruction; IN LIFE, THE QUALITY OF YOUR QUESTIONS WILL DETERMINE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE. There are people who are struggling in business today who needn’t be struggling if only they would ask the right questions. All some people need to do to turn their relationships or marriages around is to ask the right questions from the right people. Some pastors and churches could easily improve their lot in life if only they would have the humility to ask questions. I submit to you today that you can markedly improve your life, your career, business or ministry if you can learn to start asking questions. Anthony Robbins remarks that “quality questions create a quality life. successful people ask better questions, and as result they get better answers.” What questions are you not asking?

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