Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Power of Example

I woke up at dawn one day to write. But before I did, I resolved to go through my documents on my laptop and do some reshuffling. Then I chanced upon a document with the title “THE TEN YEAR PLAN OF”. It didn’t show a name. I was surprised. I knew it wasn’t mine because my personal plans are in blocks of 1 year, 3 years and 20 years. So whose plan could this be? So I opened it to see whose it was and then I noticed the full title “THE TEN TEAR PLAN OF NHYIRA”. It had the subtitle “The Woman of Great Virtues”. It was the strategic plan of my 16 year old high school kid sister!

She had listed about 10 things she wanted to accomplish within the next 10 years which included passing her exams, writing books, learning some languages, building some companies, and getting married. I was pleasantly surprised so I called her and told her about my discovery of her plan. Her response was “Bro. Jeremiah, I’m learning from you”.

That answer surprised me even more because I had not directly taught her how to do that. As I taught about the incident, I observed and took instruction. There is so much power in example. People are very much influenced by what they see you do than even by what they hear you say. Who we are and what we do consciously and unconsciously influences the people around us.

The example we set is leading those behind us into success or failure. You may be the head of an organization, the pastor of a church or just an elder brother and you need to know that what you do is influencing those behind you. Socrates said “what you are shouts so loudly in my ears that I can’t hear what you say”. Wow! The power of example!

I want to challenge you to examine your lifestyle and your leadership to see if you are being the kind of example that will ignite transformation. Is the life you are leading truly making a difference in the lives of those behind you? The destiny of your world hangs on your example. What example are you setting?

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