Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Value of Criticism

It didn’t take long for Atsu to realize that Magdalene had some romantic interest in him. Her frequent calls, attitude towards him and the ubiquitous expression of admiration and awe exposed her intentions. Fortunately, he had also developed a thing for her the first time he set eyes on her and thought that a relationship between them wouldn’t be a bad idea.

But he had a problem. He didn’t like the way Magdalene dressed. Naturally, she was quite a comely woman. But her choice of outfits lacked style and allure. He was an ambitious man who was going somewhere and preferred a partner who responded to that aspiration in content and packaging. Magdalene had the content but was unfortunately bereft of the latter. Her dress sense left much to be desired.

But Atsu was not one to write off a woman with potential. He resolved to bring it up with the young lady. One day, in a conversation, he tactfully introduced the subject and explained to the smitten lady his misgivings about her choice of apparel. He chose his words carefully in order to send his message but not send away his prospective girlfriend.

Unfortunately, she was offended. She wouldn’t call him anymore. If he did call, he was met with a cold reception. It went on for a while and in time Atsu got the message and relented. Magdalene couldn’t take constructive criticism and forfeited an opportunity to construct her future with a man who showed awesome promise.

This is a true story and it reflects the posture of many of us in life. We can’t take criticism. We don’t want to be corrected. But criticism makes us better. Criticism and correction help us prune away thorns that could easily impede our journey to the top. True, some are meant to hurt us. But even those still carry potential to help us refine ourselves and position for much greater success.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned whilst making my own journey of success is that the more prominent you become, the fewer the people who can boldly correct you. So the few who do, listen to them. There are many who would like to tell you but they can’t muster the courage to do so. I thank God for those who criticized me even when I didn’t want to hear it. Today, they are shareholders in my success. Those who criticize you don’t hate you. (Well, a few do. hehehe). They just want you to be better


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